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New US Sanctions Against Russia Over Skripal Case Not Affecting State-Owned Companies - US Treasury
U.S. withdraws from Soviet-era nuclear missile accord with Russia
Russian Embassy in Netherlands Slams MH17 Probe After Investigators Reject New Evidence
Ukraine on the cusp of change
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New US Sanctions Against Russia Over Skripal Case Not Affecting State-Owned Companies - US Treasury
04.08.19 18:22 Economics
US Treasury Department explained on Saturday in a separate memo that the new sanctions against Russia did not apply to state-owned companies and to the secondary sovereign debt market.

U.S. withdraws from Soviet-era nuclear missile accord with Russia
03.08.19 12:13 Global Security
The United States formally withdrew from a landmark 1987 nuclear missile pact with Russia on Friday after determining that Moscow was violating the treaty, an accusation the Kremlin has denied.
Reuters, BBC

Russian Embassy in Netherlands Slams MH17 Probe After Investigators Reject New Evidence
31.07.19 08:37 f.USSR
The Russian Embassy in the Netherlands criticized on Tuesday the Dutch-led probe into the MH17 passenger jet crash after international investigators refused to examine new evidence collected by a German detective.

Ukraine on the cusp of change
28.07.19 09:01 f.USSR
The thumping victory by the Ukraine President Vladimir Zelenskys Servant of the People party, securing an absolute majority of 253 seats in the 450 member parliament, can be viewed as a tectonic shift in the geopolitical landscape of Eurasia. The next big party in the parliament will be the pro-Russia Platform For Life, which secured 44 seats. The stunning rout of the pro-western forces symbolised by former President Poroshenkos Solidarity party (24 seats).

Of Course Its Russia Again: MI6 Probes If Russia Spoofed GPS of Tanker Seized by IRGC
21.07.19 08:23 f.USSR
Guess whos now become involved in the tanker seizure scandal unfolding in the Strait of Hormuz? If you guessed Russia, youre right. UK media now suggest, citing unnamed security sources, that Russian covert ops may have spoofed the Stena Imperos GPS receivers and steered it into Iranian waters.

Zelenskiys party in spotlight as Ukraine holds snap parliament election
21.07.19 08:18 f.USSR
Ukrainians vote in a snap parliamentary election on Sunday that could consolidate the power of new President Volodymyr Zelenskiy and hand the novice politician a stronger mandate for driving change in the war-scarred nation.

US, UK Intel Services Prepare Fakes About Putins Inner Circle via Soros, Browder Entities - Source
14.07.19 09:43 f.USSR
According to a military diplomatic source, the defamation campaign repeats the Panamagate scenario in 2015 when Western media published dossiers about tax havens implicating various political leaders.

U.S. Upgrades Ukrainian Ports To Fit NATO Warships
06.07.19 09:25 f.USSR
The US is upgrading several Ukrainian naval bases to give US and NATO warships the ability to dock in them, Breaking Defence reported.
SouthFront (SF)

Russian Navy Starts Own Drills in Black Sea
05.07.19 07:13 Global Security
The Russian Navy has begun scheduled exercises in the Black Sea, as NATOs Sea Breeze naval drills are currently taking place, the press service of the Southern Military District said.

Russia to Produce 60 Avangard Hypersonic Boost-Glide Warheads
04.07.19 08:23 f.USSR
According to the Russian government, the production and delivery of the Avangard warhead is proceeding without any delays.
The Diplomat

Sea Breeze 2019 NATO Military Exercise Began In The Black Sea
04.07.19 08:21 Global Security
The participating countries are as following: Bulgaria, Canada, Denmark, Estonia, France, Georgia, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Norway, Poland, Romania, Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom, along with the United States.
SouthFront (SF)

Macron Accepts Putins Invitation to Attend 75th Anniversary of WWII Victory in Moscow
01.07.19 07:42 f.USSR
"Yes, I will be there. Mr Putin invited me and I will come ... The celebration of this date is important to France because we know that we owe Russia and those who resisted", Macron said in a video aired by the Russian Channel One.

Ukraine: the presidents change, but the oligarchical system remains the same
30.06.19 08:57 f.USSR
A lot of people are asking what happens now? in relation to the topic of Ukraine. Zelensky is now in power, Trump will most likely win a 2nd term, and the EU elections resulted in a win for EU-skeptics. I will try to provide an adequate yet relatively laconic answer. The purpose of this article is not to explain what Russia will specifically do, but to demonstrate how complex the problem is. Not to mention that Moscow has to simultaneously juggle many other theatres whilst at the same time ensuring domestic economic growth.
The Saker

Chaos In Ukraine: Zelensky Learns About Foreign Ministry Actions From Internet
28.06.19 14:18 f.USSR
Ukraine appears to be in disarray, as Foreign Minister Pavel Klimkin undertakes actions that are completely uncoordinated with President Volodymyr Zelensky.
SouthFront (SF)

PACE To Restore Russias Rights. Kiev Government Is In Hysteria
26.06.19 09:51 European trends
On June 24th, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) voted to make it possible for Russia to return to the chamber.
SouthFront (SF)
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