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Direct line with Vladimir Putin
17.04.15 06:39 f.USSR
During the live broadcast that lasted 3 hours and 57 minutes, the President answered 74 questions out of the almost 3 million that were received

Barack Obama—the World’s Loneliest Leader
13.05.14 12:05 Americas on the move
It’s highly likely that US President Barack Obama is today the world’s loneliest leader. He has clearly been double-crossed again and again by his most trusted friends and advisers, betrayed by “friends,” and hated by foes.
F. William Engdahl

Pan Handling in the Debtors Prison, “The NEW Service Economy”
09.07.13 17:48 Economics
Fridays Job Numbers

Monsanto Plays GMO Deception Game
07.06.13 09:52 Americas on the move
On May 31 world media headlines read similar to this from Reuters: “Monsanto backing away from GMO crops in Europe.” A Monsanto interview with a leftist German paper created the impression around the world that the world’s largest patent-holder of GMO seeds is in full retreat from pushing their GMO seeds, at least in the European Union. The reality is anything but that. Among other things, on June 10 the EU Commission plans to approve a new Monsanto GMO maize sort.
F. William Engdahl

The Fracked-up USA Shale Gas Bubble
14.03.13 00:45 Americas on the move
At a time when much of the world is looking with a mix of envy and excitement at the recent boom in USA unconventional gas from shale rock, when countries from China to Poland to France to the UK are beginning to launch their own ventures into unconventional shale gas extraction, hoping it is the cure for their energy woes, the US shale boom is revealing itself to have been a gigantic hyped confidence bubble that is already beginning to deflate. Carpe diem!
F. William Engdahl

Monopoly, the Board Game, Getting Past Go & the Next Best Thing
11.03.13 00:11 Economics
Looks like the game is about to reset
War and Peace

Mali Islamists have destructive power of army: colonel
25.02.13 14:34 Africa
Islamists in northern Mali have the "destructive power" of an army, a top Malian colonel said Sunday, while showcasing weapons seized in Gao since French-led forces retook the city last month.

Repatriation of the Petrol D0llar
12.01.13 20:55 Economics
Looks like the game is about to re-set.
War and Peace

No Wonder China is Nervous as Obama Pivots
21.11.12 16:41 Global Security
To read the mainstream Western media, one would conclude that China has become an economic giant now intent on flexing its military muscle and making a massive arms buildup to do so. China’s designated new President, Xi Jinping, has just won both the top Communist party post from predecessor Hu Jintao as well as the head of the powerful Central Military Commission, giving Xi a full takeover of party and armed forces.
F. William Engdahl

Syria, Turkey, Israel and a Greater Middle East Energy War
12.10.12 09:55 Global Security
On October 3, 2012 the Turkish military launched repeated mortar shellings inside Syrian territory. The military action, which was used by the Turkish military, conveniently, to establish a ten-kilometer wide no-man’s land “buffer zone” inside Syria, was in response to the alleged killing by Syrian armed forces of several Turkish civilians along the border. There is widespread speculation that the one Syrian mortar that killed five Turkish civilians well might have been fired by Turkish-backed opposition forces intent on giving Turkey a pretext to move militarily, in military intelligence jargon, a ‘false flag’ operation
F. William Engdahl

Dagestan: ‘Syria comes to Russia…’
14.09.12 01:12 f.USSR
On August 28 Sheikh Said Afandi, acknowledged spiritual leader of the Autonomous Russian Republic of Dagestan, was assassinated. A jihadist female suicide bomber managed to enter his house and detonate an explosive device.
F. William Engdahl

Putin’s Geopolitical Chess Game with Washington in Syria and Eurasia
27.07.12 10:49 Middle East
Since reassuming his post as Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin has lost no minute in addressing the most urgent geopolitical threats to Russia internationally. Not surprisingly, at the center of his agenda is the explosive situation in the Middle East, above all Syria. Here Putin is engaging every imaginable means of preventing a further deterioration of the situation into what easily could become another “world war by miscalculation.” His activities in recent weeks involve active personal diplomacy with Syria’s government as well as the so-called opposition “Syrian National Council.” It involves intense diplomacy with Erdogan’s Turkey regime. It involves closed door diplomacy with Obama. It involves direct diplomacy with Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu.
F. William Engdahl

Scary Facts about Birds and the Bees and Bayer AG
03.07.12 12:55 Economics
Birds and bees are something most of us take for granted as part of nature. The expression “teaching about the birds and the bees” to explain the process of human reproduction to young people is not an accidental expression. Bees and birds contribute to the essence of life on our planet. A study by the US Department of Agriculture estimated that “…perhaps one-third of our total diet is dependent, directly or indirectly, upon insect-pollinated plants.”
F. William Engdahl

China’s Land Bridge to Turkey creates new Eurasian Geopolitical Potentials
01.05.12 08:56 Asia rising
The prospect of an unparalleled Eurasian economic boom lasting into the next Century and beyond is at hand. The first steps binding the vast economic space are being constructed with a number of little-publicized rail links connecting China, Russia, Kazakhstan and parts of Western Europe. It is becoming clear to more people in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Eurasia including China and Russia that their natural tendency to build these markets faces only one major obstacle: NATO and the US Pentagon’s Full Spectrum Dominance obsession. Rail infrastructure is a major key to building vast new economic markets across Eurasia.
F. William Engdahl

Rising energy tensions in the Aegean—Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, Syria
11.03.12 23:37 Middle East
The discovery in late 2010 of the huge natural gas bonanza off Israel’s Mediterranean shores triggered other neighboring countries to look more closely at their own waters. The results revealed that the entire eastern Mediterranean is swimming in huge untapped oil and gas reserves. That discovery is having enormous political, geopolitical as well as economic consequences. It well may have potential military consequences too.
F. William Engdahl
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