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Of Course It’s Russia Again: MI6 Probes If Russia Spoofed GPS of Tanker Seized by IRGC
Zelenskiys party in spotlight as Ukraine holds snap parliament election
US, UK Intel Services Prepare Fakes About Putins Inner Circle via Soros, Browder Entities - Source
U.S. Upgrades Ukrainian Ports To Fit NATO Warships
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Are Russia and the US Finally on the Same Page in Afghanistan?
21.07.19 08:16 Global Security
Not so fast, substantive cooperation between the two on ending the war remains elusive.
The Diplomat

The IMF Takeover of Pakistan
19.07.19 09:06 Asia rising
Many Pakistanis see the terms of the $6 billion bailout package as a hostile takeover of their economy and government.
The Diplomat

Voices from Syria’s Rukban Refugee Camp Belie Corporate Media Reporting
06.07.19 09:28 Middle East
A little over a year ago — just after the Syrian army and its allies liberated the towns and villages around eastern Ghouta from the myriad armed jihadist groups that had waged a brutal campaign of torture and executions in the area — I interviewed a number of the civilians that had endured life under jihadist rule in Douma, Kafr Batna and the Horjilleh Center for Displaced People just south of Damascus.
Global Research

Report Shows Corporations and Bolsonaro Teaming Up to Destroy the Amazon
05.07.19 07:19 Americas on the move
As deforestation in Brazil’s Amazon rainforest reaches the highest level in a decade, the rainforest’s indigenous peoples and their supporters have called for action against the political and business interests they blame for a spike in illegal logging and other resource extraction.
Global Research

Ukraine: the presidents change, but the oligarchical system remains the same
30.06.19 08:57 f.USSR
A lot of people are asking “what happens now?” in relation to the topic of Ukraine. Zelensky is now in power, Trump will most likely win a 2nd term, and the EU elections resulted in a win for EU-skeptics. I will try to provide an adequate yet relatively laconic answer. The purpose of this article is not to explain what Russia will specifically do, but to demonstrate how complex the problem is. Not to mention that Moscow has to simultaneously juggle many other theatres whilst at the same time ensuring domestic economic growth.
The Saker

The Cowardice of Aung San Suu Kyi
02.03.17 09:11 Asia rising
Is The Lady still a champion of rights and democracy?
The Diplomat

EU Steps Up The Pace For Cashless Society In 2017/18
07.02.17 01:05 European trends
On the 23rd January 2017 the EU Commission issued the “Commission Initiative Roadmap” for 2018 regarding the step up fight against the financing of terrorism, also known as its ‘Payments Restriction Initiative’ or as we are reading more often, the cashless society. This document is an extension of the communication document dated February 2016 (COM-2016/50) and updated to include new regulations for member countries to implement and future intentions by the Commission.

Islamic State’s Khorasan Province, 2 Years on
28.01.17 14:27 Iraq War, "War on terror"
Today marks the two-year anniversary of ISIS’s new front in Afghanistan. Can the group consider its venture a success?
The Diplomat

Can Afghanistans Economy Rebound in 2017?
26.01.17 16:17 Asia rising
There’s no reason to think 2017 will be any better for Afghanistan than 2016.
The Diplomat

Trump triumphed due to downward mobility
04.03.16 09:28 Americas on the move
It’s still a horse race, but only just: Donald Trump’s Super Tuesday victories in Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Virginia, Arkansas and Massachusetts outweigh the Ted Cruz victory in his home state of Texas and neighboring Oklahoma. The Republican Establishment will not close ranks around Cruz as the last candidate capable of beating Trump. Marco Rubio’s consolation price was the Minnesota caucuses with 37% of the vote,
Asia Times Online

America’s Secret African Drone War Against the Islamic State
21.12.15 20:07 Africa
Predators and the “Neutralization” of 69 People in Iraq and Syria

Putin Goes Ballistic In Syria, Obliterates The USA’s Secret ‘Mideast Strategy’
12.10.15 16:56 Middle East
Russian Military Demolishes IS Infrastructure, Destroys ISIS Terror Network, Dismantles ISIL Command & Control, Devastates Greater Israel Cabal
State of the Nation

Grassroots Fascism: The War Experience of the Japanese People
03.09.15 20:07 Memories
As a young historian researching prewar popular political movements in the early 1970s, Yoshimi Yoshiaki (b. 1946) became increasingly struck—and troubled—by the systematic inattention to popular experiences of the war period, along with the virtually universal silence on questions of popular war responsibility. Imbued with the progressive convictions of a scholarly generation that came of age amid the political struggles of the late 1960s, he was dissatisfied with the near-universal academic focus on elites and abstract social structures that rendered the story of the Japanese experience of the war “a history without people.” After many years of research, stops and starts, the end result was Grassroots Fascism: a radically different vantage on the wartime experience from the “bottom-up” and a bold attempt to break out of the constricted confines of “history in the passive voice.”
Global Research

Obama Took “Willful Decision” to Support the Islamic State (ISIS): Former US Intelligence Chief
14.08.15 10:00 Iraq War, "War on terror"
If one was only to read mainstream news in the West, you would probably be inculcated with the myth that Islamic State (ISIS) appeared almost out of thin air and many governments in the Western world have been completely shocked by the rise of this terror group. Perhaps you would correctly blame the 2003 invasion and occupation of Iraq as a major reason why such extreme groups gained power in the region, in addition to blaming certain governments for supposedly marginalizing Sunni’s.
Global Research

Torture and Show Trials Are Common in Neo-Colonial Libya
12.08.15 09:04 Africa
Gaddafi officials still facing persecution four years after the imperialist-backed counter-revolution A video released last week showing the beating and torture of Saadi Gaddafi is not an anomaly in contemporary Libya where the Pentagon and NATO waged a war of regime-change in 2011.
Global Research
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