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Ukraine Analysis by the Saker: a “Croatian” attack scenario?
16.04.15 13:52 European trends
It is pretty clear that the chances of peace, which were always tiny, are getting worse and worse by the day. I personally never believed that the Minsk-2 Agreement (M2A) would be implemented by the Kiev junta and I am not in the least surprised. The most what the junta could do was to withdraw some (not even most!) of its heavy weapons and then bring news ones in. As for the political steps foreseen by M2A they are simply unthinkable for the junta. In fact, even if Poroshenko decided to comply with M2A and, say, negotiate a future Ukrainian constitution with the representatives of Novorussia, he would probably be overthrown within 24 hours, not only because the Nazi freaks like Iarosh would never accept that but because, more importantly, Uncle Sam would never accept that either
The Saker

The US Isn’t Winding Down Its Wars – It’s Just Running Them At Arm’s Length
14.04.15 18:35 Global Security
Barack Obama is playing all sides against each other, but support for the Saudi war in Yemen will only spread conflagration in the Middle East

Regime Change: A Criminal Calamity for Iraq
12.04.15 15:21 Iraq War, "War on terror"
The US invasion of Iraq was based on lies and has lead to unspeakable horrors. It is time for accountability, says former UN representative to Iraq, Hans von Sponeck

Saudi Attempts to Use the Houthis against the Muslim Brotherhood Backfired in Yemen
12.04.15 15:17 Middle East
Yemen is being bombed into accepting a Saudi-mediated pseudo-dialogue that really aims to reinstate Al-Hadi and restore Yemen as an authoritarian state that follows Saudi Arabia and the US. In this context, a mixture of Arabian intrigues, petro-politics, and geopolitics are all at play

Is Uncle Sam “tossing” Kolomoiskii?
25.03.15 18:15 European trends
Events in the Ukraine are taking a very serious turn: Poroshenko has declared that private “pocket” armies of governors will no longer be tolerated and he has now given Kolomoiskii 24 hours to lay down arms. Poroshenko’s chief henchmen – Arsen Avakov and the CIA’s Valentin Nalivaichenko – have indicated that Poroshenko has their full support and loyalty. In other words, the full power of the junta is now threatening to come down on Kolomoiskii’s head. Kolomoiskii, in turn, is preparing some kind of pro-Kolomoiskii “maidan” in Dnepropetrovsk for Wednesday. In order to prevent that, several death squads (“national guard battalions”) have been sent to the city
The Saker

Blood Money: These Companies and People Make Billions of Dollars from War
25.03.15 17:52 Global Security
The late United States Marine Corps Major GeneralSmedley D. Butler is perhaps most famous for his post-retirement speech titled “War is a Racket.” In the early 1930s, Butler presented the speech on a nationwide tour. It was so popular that he wrote a longer version as a small book that was published in 1935.

Armed With US Weapons, Yemen Rebels Advance On President As Saudi Arabia Prepares For War
25.03.15 16:57 Middle East
Previously we reported that in the latest "coup" for US foreign policy, the US had "lost" over $500 million in weapons in Yemen, until recently an Obama administration foreign policy "success story", following the abrupt evacuation of the US embassy there, all of which ended up in local rebel and al-Qaeda hands

Washington Misses Bigger Picture of New Chinese Investment Bank
24.03.15 04:55 Economics
Bibi Netanyahu’s election, persistent violence through much of the Middle East and North Africa, and intensified efforts to forge a nuclear deal between the P5+1 and Iran topped the news here in Washington this week. But a much bigger story in terms of the future order of global politics was taking place in Europe and Beijing
Jim Lobe

Clinton Foundation’s Deep Financial Ties to Ukrainian Oligarch Revealed
22.03.15 11:12 European trends
Between 2009 and 2013, including when Mrs. Clinton was secretary of state, the Clinton Foundation received at least $8.6 million from the Victor Pinchuk Foundation, according to that foundation, which is based in Kiev, Ukraine. It was created by Mr. Pinchuk, whose fortune stems from a pipe-making company. He served two terms as an elected member of the Ukrainian Parliament and is a proponent of closer ties between Ukraine and the European Union

US Psychological Warfare in Ukraine: Targeting Online Independent Media Coverage
21.03.15 10:36 Global Security
If you are a journalist writing about or a person concerned about issues like Free Speech, read or write in alternative media or news, Occupy movement, Ferguson, Gaza, Ukraine, Russia, police brutality, US interventionism, fair government, homelessness, keeping the government accountable, representative government, government intrusions like the NSA is doing, or you are liberal, progressive, libertarian, conservative, separation of church and state, religion,

A forecast of the development of the main processes that will influence the situation in Russia in 2015
19.03.15 13:12 f.USSR
I have not written a forecast for Russia for years. Mainly, because there was not much point – nothing had changed, the basic trends were simply continuing and there were no changes to describe. Today, the situation is changing. This requires a new forecast.

Ukraine Declares Resumption of War Against Donbass
19.03.15 11:13 European trends
On Wednesday, March 18th, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, the Prime Minister of Ukraine — who was selected for that post by Victoria Nuland of the U.S. State Department on 4 February 2014, 18 days before the U.S. coup that installed him into this office — told his cabinet meeting, “Our goal is to regain control of Donetsk and Lugansk.” Those are the two districts comprising Donbass, the self-proclaimed independent region of Ukraine, which now calls itself “The People’s Republic“ and sometimes “Novorossiya,” and which rejects the coup and its coup-imposed Government
Eric Zuesse

Power Play Behind Regime Change in Russia
17.03.15 19:16 f.USSR
The Empire of Chaos dream of regime change in Russia has always hinged on controlling large swathes of Eurasia
Pepe Escobar

Ukraine and the Rothschild Family
17.03.15 18:30 Economics
A group of large international investors buy out Ukrainian government’s securities. Franklin Templton is one of them. The investment group snapped up Ukrainian international debt with a face value of almost $5 billion at the end of August, nearly a fifth of the countrys outstanding international government bonds

U.S. in Ukraine: Watch what they do, not what they say
17.03.15 04:18 European trends
As activists, students and workers gather in Washington, D.C., for the Spring Rising antiwar mobilization March 18-21, many are probably unaware that 300 U.S. troops arrived in Ukraine this month, with another 300 expected to join them shortly
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