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Destruction of Ukraines Central Bank
05.06.22 12:43 Economics

End Goal of Russia’s Ukrainian Operation.

The Ukrainian Operation will not end until Russian NG and Crude Oil pipelines running through Ukraine can translate their way back to Russia being converted into Rubles.

The rebuilding of Ukraine can not start until Ukraine’s Money Supply is taken out of the hands of Ukraine’s Central Bank and given to the Ukrainian Treasury. It will be nice to have Ukraine be the Beta Market for how Chinese Chartalism will work so the rest of the World gains an understanding.

The Chess Game now changes to Petrovs Russian Game. Russia will divide the board into both North and South. Donbas now becomes E4 & E5 to the game. Really does not matter which side of the board Russia goes after first, Odessa or Kiev, at some point both are taken. Ukraine will need to react to which ever direction Russia goes, and the other side of the board will be wide open, creating another zugzwang situation.

Which ever direction Russia goes first they will Overload the Defender and the other direction will be where the real attack occurs. Way too many Ethnic Russians and Ethnic Hungarians hold Hryvnia and I am sure many would like to believe the Hryvnia gets destroyed, but Russia won’t allow that to happen. In would have to think at the end of the day Ukrainian Wheat will be selling in something other than Dollars.

At some point the Ukrainian Government collapses, I am sure Russia would like that to occur internally with Ukrainians finally removing everyone holding office. The new government will have the Ukrainian Treasury issue money directly into the economy with no borrowing involved.

This will be how Ancient China created money that put China over 100-years ahead of Europe in the 1400’s. This is how Colonial America issued it is Colonial Script that upset England so badly they started a Revolution in order to put an end to it. Napoleon relaunches the Republic using Assignats backed by Roman Catholic land seized by the Revolution. Hitler uses Reichsmarks issued directly into the economy with no borrowing. Unfortunately, Hitler does not realize the real enemy would have been found in Switzerland in the form of the Vatican Bank or we would already be 75-years into where we are headed.

Ukraine, Russia, China and probably Turkey will rebuild Ukraine, Ukraine certainly isn’t going to allow those who profited from the destruction of Ukraine to in turn profit from the reconstruction and the West will be locked out of the opportunity.

The Ukrainian Central Bank will be left to fend for itself and since the Government won’t be borrowing from the Central Bank it will wither and die. Europe will agree to purchase NG & Crude Oil from Russia using Euros and the Destruction of Europe’s Central Bank will soon follow. The World will be a dramatically different place a year from now.

With the allowed development of the Global South business will be booming. Saudi Arabia and MBS will be a year into building Neom. China will be another year closer to either returning to or being the first to land on the Moon. China will have completed their game of “Go” that they have been playing against the Anglo-Empire for the last 100-years.

I would have to believe NATO no longer exists and the Countries of Europe no longer listen to Brussels. Russia will be hoping that this was the last time they will be called upon to save Europe and the United States.



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