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Too Little, Too Late, will there be a Romanov ending for the Sudairi Seven?
12.01.17 05:03 Middle East

End game of the Iraq War

First off, Happy New Year to everyone, in just a few months it will have been 14-years since George Jr. had the US led coalition of the coerced invade the undefended country of Iraq, opening Pandora’s Box. 

As we all witnessed, death, destruction and evil were unleased and after 14-years of mayhem, maybe we’ve finally reached a point where we can figure out just what has occurred. 

Who knows, maybe 2017 will finally be the year that Hope and Expectation finally emerge from the bottom of Pandora’s Box.  

I’ve been struggling with the title of this article for some time and wanted to call this Imperial Praetorian Guards, Capital Ships and the Petrol D0llar, but this is the journey we take to discover that after almost 14-years it is the House of Saud that was the true objective of the invasion of Baghdad and the eventual hanging of Saddam or one of his many body doubles. Iraq was just the appetizer and Libya was just the salad, I know when I go out spending big on a nice meal, I certainly don’t stop until I’ve had the main course. This has started in 2003 with Iraq’s National Oil and National Central Bank and 8-years later in 2011 moved onto Libya’s National Oil and National Bank. 

What possibly could be the main course?     

It must be an amazing time for those believers in Americas Founding Fathers version of Democracy, because we’ve had selected for us, a wealthy, land owning white male, which is how the Constitution was designed. Stalin himself taught us, it’s not the ballot box that counts, it’s the counting of the ballot box that matters. In 2001 we learned that 2 planes can take out 3 buildings. In 2016 we’ve learned that poles and statistics, which work for the selling of butt wipe, cars and booze no longer can be counted on to determine a National Election. 

States will vote for a Democratic Governor, yet still choose a Republican President. Funny today how Mr. Putin is being blamed for the outcome of this selection process as if the outcome was somehow determined by the voters. Which brings me to my first point in my original title. Just as when Didius Julianus purchased the Roman Empire from the Imperial Praetorian Guards, not much has changed in a thousand-years, today it is our Praetorian Guards who first decide who the Emperor will be before they are ratified by the Senate. To think that a nation who spends ten-fold what their closest rival spends on armaments, doesn’t have a Praetorian Guard to help secure these expenditures must certainly be asleep or crazy. This reminds me of what our comedian George Carlin said regarding the American Dream, “you’ve got to be asleep to believe it.” The Bush/Bush/Clinton/Clinton machine with their Saudi money, just didn’t have enough to make it through the Praetorian Guard. The Bush/Clinton machine certainly didn’t have Exxon’s Rex Tillerson, which just would not have worked. Note all the other Iraq War veterans plus 911 investigators being added to the Cabinet, they are going to come in handy, you’ve got to know the terrain and what’s up next will be very similar terrain. Keep in mind, 8 or 9 million barrels per day, 24/7/365 even at $40/barrel is a lot of very, very low hanging fruit. This leads me to my second point in my original title, Capital Ships. 

I believe it was the original where I learned that every major US Capital Ship used in WWII had its keel laid before the Japanese had bombed Pearl Harbor where I learned just how much planning is involved in these war games. When you realize that each of these massive ships was designed using drafting boards and slide rules, just how many years before December 7th, 1941 the planning for WWII took place.  

Now before everyone gets excited and starts screaming at me, “What do Capital Ships have to do with this?” Even a Gerald Ford Class Supercarrier wouldn’t survive a week in a major confrontation. Yep, you’re right, but what in the 21st Century would a Capital Ship type expenditure be that would take years to bring on-line.  

I believe this is a question you should direct to Rex Tillerson, Russian Order of Friendship recipient. Partner in the largest oil and natural gas distribution system the planet has ever seen, guess what? It’s ready to come on line and just like Capital Ships, you just don’t spend that kind of cash and not use it. So now this brings me to my final point of Petrol/Narco/Interest Rate D0llar and just how you adjust the flow of where you need these d0llars to come from and be spent. National Oil Companies and National Central Banks really put a damper on where these d0llars flow and they certainly aren’t flowing into the Seven Sisters, British Petroleum and Shell Oil coffers. The US Special Saudi Deal or relationship was made with guess who?  King Abdulaziz and the Sudairi Seven and guess where we are in the seven? 

That’s right, number seven King Salman, who is for all intents and purposes, dead, just still breathing.  

King Salman has been forced to bypass kindly cousin Prince Mohammed bin Nayef who was the appointed next in-line until someone had surgically installed an exploding device up someone’s rectum and seriously injured the Prince. 

I’m sure cousin Nayef isn’t exactly sure just who had this surgery performed and who detonated the device, though reports from the Kingdom claim it was those nasty al Qaeda folks that were involved in the assassination attempt. Cousin Nayef is spending most of his time out of the Kingdom these days. This now puts the 30-year old son of King Salman, Prince Mohammed bin Salman as the runner-up to be next in-line. 

Prince Mohammed bin Salman has wasted no time in exerting his influence on power. First up the Prince decided to invade one of the poorest countries in the world Yemen, ordering the attack while not quite coordinating the attack with his National Guard. Needless to say the invasion on the poorly defended country of Yemen is not going well and is being a large drain on the Saudi Treasury. 

The Saudi funded opposition to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has performed so badly in Aleppo that the Russian fleet that was instrumental in turning the tide of the Civil War there, has pulled up anchor and left.  Prince Mohammed bin Salman is cutting payroll and even trimming back on the hand-outs given to the 4,000 some members of the Royal Family. 

Times aren’t so bad that the Prince couldn’t come-up with about $400 million to purchase a Russian yacht he had his eye on while vacationing in Southern France. The Prince is also ratcheting up the laws against dissent in the Kingdom and anyone who speaks not as fondly as they should of the Royal Family is being sent to prison. Prince Mohammed bin Salman had a Royal Education for his upbringing and apparently that did not include the reading of the book, “How to win Friends and Influence People”. 

Prince Mohammed bin Salman had a meeting with President Obama, which is usually reserved for Heads of State and the Prince didn’t speak kindly of the Empires handling of affairs in the Middle East.  I’m not sure how many remember Freddie from the movie series of the Godfather, but remember things didn’t work out so well for Freddie when he spoke out against the family. 

I’m getting the feeling that things aren’t going to work out so well for the young Prince Mohammed bin Salman. 

Nobody taught young Salman that old age and treachery will always overcome youth and enthusiasm. I don’t believe the Prince understands the definition of Blowback and what is going to happen to the Kingdom when these un-paid mercenaries start to make their way back to the Kingdom after getting their asses handed to them in Aleppo, I think they might just bite the hand that was feeding them. You can always spot the end of a dynasty when the valuable assets of that dynasty go up for sale. In the next few months Prince Mohammed bin Salman will be auctioning off 10% of Saudi Aramco through the benevolent folks on Wall Street and London. I can’t imagine the sharks and hucksters on Wall Street not viewing this as the biggest shorting opportunity of a life time. Which brings me to my first point in my Title, Too Little, Too Late. Maybe had the Royal Family sold a large portion of Aramco to the Praetorian Guards some time ago, the Saudis wouldn’t be in this fix in the first place? The US Senate has agreed to let the families of the victims of 911 sue the House of Saud. Even in the Fake News of the Fake News society we live in, it’s not going to be very hard to paint the Saudis as the evil hand that escaped from Pandora’s Box so long ago. It will be interesting to see how the Neocons in their minions take Saudi Oil off-line. 

An accident here, a terrorist attack there and sure enough they aren’t pumping 8-9 million barrels per day anymore. Fortunately for Rex Tillerson and Mr. Putin, they’ve got all that oil standing by to come on-line when it happens. Makes me wonder how much a barrel of crude is going to cost when the easy lift oil in Saudi Arabia is not available. Peace  



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