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Touring the Backyard: Putin Pays Central Asia a Visit
Donbass blockade is finishing off Poroshenko and Akhmetov
If US throws Ukraine under the bus, will Moscow reciprocate?
Military Situation Remains Tense In Eastern Ukraine
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Does Turkey Prefer A European Or Eurasian Energy Union?
04.05.15 19:50 Economics
The sixth meeting of the World Forum on Energy Regulation is sc heduled to be held on May 25–28, in Istanbul, and is being organized by the office of the prime minister of the Turkish Republic. The competitive and dynamically expanding nature of the energy sector in Eurasia has been boosting Turkey’s regional importance as it prepares to take on the role of a strategically important transit and energy hub country (Hurriyet Daily News, January 28).
Jamestown Foundation

Putin: Czar Of Natural Gas, Crude Oil, Uranium & GOLD
04.05.15 09:57 f.USSR
Well-known Moscow journalist Dmitry Kalinichenko expressed it well: “Very few people understand what Putin is doing at the moment. And almost no one understands what he will do in the future. No matter how strange it may seem, but right now, Putin is selling Russian oil and gas only for physical gold.”

Why NATO is Terrified of Russia
03.05.15 04:31 Global Security
The twin-pronged attack - oil price war/raid on the ruble – aimed at destroying the Russian economy and place it into a form of Western natural resource vassalage has failed
Pepe Escobar

Banning Bikers: The Double Standards Of NGOs
02.05.15 15:10 European trends
Germany and Poland’s rejection of visa issuance for the Night Wolves patriotic bikers is politically motivated and speaks loudly about the West’s double standards towards NGOs. The group wanted to partake in a commemorative pilgrimage across Eastern Europe en route to Berlin in order to commemorate the 70th anniversary of Victory Day, and they were entirely transparent about their routes and itinerary. In the context of the New Cold War, it was obvious that if they would have been granted access to the EU, they’d have been watched over like a hawk and had every one of their moves monitored, thus ensuring that none of the ‘provocations’ that the Western mainstream media scared their citizens about would have had any chance of coming to pass even if the bikers wanted them to (which they didn’t
Andrew Korybko

Pope Francis Is The World’s Most Influential Agent Of Ukrainian Nationalism
01.05.15 15:04 Memories
Today it is my very real pleasure to present to you an outstanding analysis of the role of the Latin Church in modern Ukraine. In the past, I have written about the role of the Vatican in the creation of the Ukraine and the development of Ukrainian nationalism (see here and here), but what Andrew Korybko does here is look at the modern role of the Papacy in the Ukraine. I now want to address an issue which, I believes, must be clarified
Andrew Korybko

US Shale Oil and Gas Industry is a Ponzi Scheme Facing Collapse
30.04.15 18:35 Economics
The mainstream media keeps churning out good news stories about the booming shale oil and gas industry in the United States. Apparently, the fracking industry is going to lead to America becoming the next Saudi Arabia with a hundred years of oil and natural gas. It will provide cheap energy supplies that will boost U.S. Industry and give a major boost to consumers and help the so-called economic recovery
Dylan Murphy

Grexit Looks Inevitable. But Greece Will Need Moscow’s Help
28.04.15 18:38 European trends
As Prospects of a Grexit Grow, Greece May be Obliged to Defy the Europeans and Turn to Moscow for the Vital Economic Help it will Need
Alexander Mercouris

Yemen Crisis: This Exotic War Will Soon Become Europes Problem
28.04.15 05:52 Middle East
The main outcome of the Saudi air campaign will be terrorism and boatloads of desperate migrants
Patrick Cockburn

Did a Chinese-Russian-Iranian coalition opposing NATO debut in Moscow?
26.04.15 18:01 Global Security
Talk about joint efforts between China, India, Russia and Iran against NATO expansion was augmented with plans for tripartite military talks between Beijing, Moscow, and Tehran.
Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya

Germany Prepares For "Plan B", Says Greece Would "Need Not Only A Third Bailout, But Fourth, Fifth Or Even More"
25.04.15 20:09 Economics
It has been a very disturbing 24 hours for Greece.

Is the U.S. a Force for Good in the World?
25.04.15 14:40 Global Security
First of all, in terms of popularity worldwide, the U.S. is a mixed picture. A Gallup International poll of 65 countries, issued on 30 December 2013, found that:
Eric Zuesse

Saudi Arabia Does a Gaza in Yemen
25.04.15 05:20 Middle East
Shortly after 911, Washington declared ‘war on terror’ – a war with a death toll of over 2 million innocent lives (not counting America’s drone hunts), the maimed, the refugees, as well as the environmental effects of America’s war on terror

Professors for Israel try to Shut Down Lancet
25.04.15 05:18 European trends
Academia is far from the bastion of free thinking and free speech it would like to claim for itself, as a newly confected “row” involving the leading medical journal The Lancet confirms
Jonathan Cook

Are EU Officials Plotting Regime Change in Greece?
24.04.15 04:03 European trends
There are various narratives for what is happening to Greece as another deadline looms – the April 24 gathering of finance ministers in Riga — and European officials show no sign of compromise. The most common is that this is a game of brinkmanship, with the Germans and their allies pushing for “reforms” that the Syriza government in Greece doesn’t want to adopt. Most of the media seems more partial to the European officials than to Greece. But even among those who are more neutral or sympathetic to Greece, it is still a story about hardline European officials threatening to use their control over funding to the Greek government and banking system in order to bring Greece to its knees

What Does Putin Want?
23.04.15 05:30 f.USSR
The analysis below is, by far, the best I have seen since the beginning of the conflict in the Ukraine. I have regularly posted analyses by Ishchenko on this blog before, because I considered him as one of the best analysts in Russia
Rostislav Ishchenko
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