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What will the US Treaty of Paris look like?
30.06.18 21:51 Economics
The Treaty of Paris in 1815 officially ended France’s roll as the World’s Reserve Currency, just as Bretton Woods 1944 would officially end Britain’s roll as the World’s Reserve Currency.  I note that these dates are the official endings of the Franc as the World’s Reserve Currency and the Pound Sterling as the World’s Reserve Currency, the beginning of their endings would be 1790 with the French Revolution and about 1922 following the end of World War I.  

I note these dates to help create a timeline of where we might find ourselves today as we head towards the official ending of the US D0llar as the World’s Reserve Currency.  Historically the World’s Reserve Currency has been held for about 100-years each by Portugal in 1450, Spain in 1530, the Netherlands in 1640, France in 1720, Britain in 1815 and the US which started about 1922.  We are certainly closer to there being months away for the Official ending of the US D0llar as opposed to years. Even according to the IMF with their “A Changing International Monetary System” paper published in January of 2018 the Renminbi already accounted for 30% of the World’s Reserve Currency in 2016, I can only assume the Renminbi finds itself in a much larger position in 2018 considering China’s growth to 30% occurred in a very condensed timeframe. 

If we are now to put events into a timeframe, this would mean that maybe not surprisingly just as Serbia helped to break up Britain’s role as the World’s Reserve Currency ushering in World War I, the break-up of Yugoslavia with NATO bombing starting March 24th 1999 would be when the D0llar started to lose its shine. This would mean that the Tulip Bubble bursting of 1637 would create the Netherlands as the World’s Reserve Currency, the South Sea Bubble crash of 1720 would create the Franc, the Panic of 1815 would create the Pound and the Stock Market Crash of 1929 would propel the D0llar, the creation of the Renminbi would have started with the bursting of the Bubble in 2001. 

The point being we have been through these transitions before, so where will the transition away from the D0llar take us today. Will this be a punitive transition like the Treaty of Paris? Will the role of the next World’s Reserve Currency be dominated by the Renminbi, just as the D0llar demanded dominance which led to World War II.  If the world required some punitive punishment from Napoleon and France, I would think it makes sense that there be some punitive punishment for the Anglo Empire, but in what form? What will money represent going forward?  Spain had its sliver, Britain had her gold and opium, the US used hydrocarbons as well as opium to back their currencies. These systems involving finite resources to create value certainly seemed to create more trouble with the Reserve Currency trying to control those resources. 

Will the world move to a true fiat system of currency like Colonial Script, the Assignat, Lincolns Greenback, Nixon’s two dollar bill, the Chinese certainly have a thousand years’ worth of history with fiat currencies. The Chinese do seem to prefer a Social Credit System and what form of Social Credit might the next World Reserve Currency evolve into.   

I’m sure we’re all in agreement the US D0llar’s role as the World’s Reserve Currency creates no benefit for anyone in the World including the US consumers here, that does appear to be our only role is to consume, and certainly we are no longer citizens even in our own country. I would like to believe that the world realizes that US consumers have already been punished enough in this US D0llar system.  Real jobs are hard to find, a healthcare system based on profit will only produce disease, and the Federal Two Party System has created tyranny and divisiveness.  Our resources have been squandered by war and our education system only teaches consumption. We lead the world in incarceration. We have created a lost generation with no role to play in building a better planet. I would truly like to believe we have hit bottom. 

If the Treaty of Paris came about through Napoleon’s defeat at Waterloo June 18th 1815, what will be the equivalent to the US Battle of Waterloo?  In a few weeks we’ll have President Trump meeting with President Putin and that should certainly give us some insight into when defeat will finally become official. Russia seems to historically serve a role in the creations and destructions of these historical Reserve Currencies. I would think this meeting will be the Anglo Empires’ Battle of Leipzig. It may seem small at the time, but I believe President Trump will hand over Syria to Russia. This will be the tipping point and from here events should happen pretty quickly. 

I would also hope that this meeting sets the stage for some almost immediate nuclear arms reduction. I believe our Battle of Waterloo will happen this November when the Anglo Empire’s demand to stop foreign purchases of Iran’s oil proves to be something the US will not be able to stop. Whether Turkey leaves NATO before November or shortly after will be the next moment to watch for. I would hope it’s before November in order to deny the US it’s airbases in Turkey for the upcoming showdown with Iran. Certainly the Anglo Empire’s role of being the arms supplier of the world will need to come to an end, I would think at some point between now and November India lets the US know they will not be purchasing the THAAD missile defense system.  The Saudi’s and Israel will soon prove to be the only remaining dumping ground for US weapons. At some point between now and November the Kushner Israeli no-Peace Proposal will be laughed at by the Palestinians. Adults will join the Israeli/Palestinian debate and calmer heads will prevail. It would not shock me if between now and November North and South Korea cut their own Peace Deal not involving US participation in the deal. 

Take a moment to consider this. In 2000, Sheikh Ahmed Zaki Yamani, former oil minister of Saudi Arabia, gave an interview which he said: “Thirty years from now there will be a huge amount of oil – and no buyers. Oil will be left in the ground. The Stone Age came to an end, not because we had a lack of stones, and the oil age will come to an end not because we have a lack of oil.” It will be interesting to see who the players are who continue to purchase Iranian crude, I would think certainly China, and probably the French, maybe India and maybe even Japan sees this as her time to exit the Petrol D0llar system. Will the US try to create a blockade to prevent Iranian crude shipments? Will Iran workout an export system based on future shipments via Russia or is there an international crisis with the breaking of the blockade involving China and the rest of the world? Does Russia have the excess capacity to export Iranian crude today? Sanctions on Iran will certainly be the Battle of Waterloo moment. 

After the showdown with Iran, the break-up of the Anglo Empire will be quick. Who better than China to fill the void and enter the Afghanistan void created by fleeing US Stormtroopers? No other country in the world understands the dangers of Opium and Opium’s use as a currency  more than China and China will quickly move to eradicate production. It’s interesting to note that Britain used Chinese Opium sales which required silver as a tax on Continental Europe’s silver coinage that created a depression on the Continent.  Opium eradication will put some serious pressures on the NSA and CIA’s abilities to fund their mischief. NATO officially collapses and Europe creates their own security system. Iraq asks US forces to draw down and if Korea hasn’t already done so already requests that US troops leave the peninsula. 

At some point here the US will enter into negotiations to sale their aircraft carriers to China, Russia, Japan, Korea, India, Brazil, South Africa and Europe. If I’m missing someone they can certainly take part. I would think the US “FIRE” economy of Finance, Insurance and Real Estate becomes a quickly forgotten thing of the past. One can only hope that the upcoming US Revolution doesn’t degrade into the French Revolution, though the ruling class here in the US certainly could use some separation between shoulders and heads. Hopefully we can come up with a more appropriate way to administer justice to those who have clearly wronged the US and the world.   

There is a tremendous amount of work that needs to be performed to rebuild and rewire the world and I would like to believe our lost generation gets their moment to participate in the reconstruction. Social Credit will become the norm and this generation will be compensated in the rebirth and rebuilding through their efforts. Imagine Buckingham Palace turning into a museum. Imagine Wall Street turning into a true market and not the financial weapon it turned itself into. Healthcare that tries to prevent disease instead of create it. A true social safety net in place for the population of the world. We will certainly know which direction the world moves next when the World’s next Bretton Woods agreement coming soon, is conducted in secrecy and in the dark, or in broad daylight for the world to witness. 

If the world is allowed to take part, imagine what kind of world might be created. Hoping we’re all given the opportunity to take part.
 Orphus: ORPS


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