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Ukraine on the cusp of change
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"Color revolutions", is Russia next?
06.10.07 16:49 f.USSR

A TV feature by Arkady Mamontov, shown at Russian RTR channel on 30.09.2007
Now available on

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A tran of the feature follows. The numbers mark time into the show, in minutes and seconds

#general introduction - until the time 2:30
Interview with William Engdahl in the background at 1:30-2:30
#Russian "March of dissidents" in St.Petersburg - until 3:50
# at 4:00 Kasparov speaking before NED
# the demonstration in Nizhny Novgorod : 50 demonstrators and 50 TV reporters
# the opinion formed this way - Russian emigre in New York at 5:40 talks about vicious suppression of the freedom in Russia, apparently judging by these TV clips
# at 7:00 into the film : "Orange" Ukrainian boys and girls share their experience with their Russian "colleagues". They humorously advise to use pensioners, "babushki" (grandmothers) as their stormtroopers, and to give them the slogans "do not touch our children". This slogan chanted by babushka is heard later in the TV footage of St.Petersburg's demonstration.
# at 8:00 : "Orange" technologies for involvement of university students
# at 9:00 : a person from Russian pro-Putin youth organization, which is opposed to Kasparov's "Another Russia", shares his observations after analysis of video footage of demonstrations. Certain patterns and techniques explained.
# at 10:30 examples of these techniques on the video records of demonstrations
# at 10:50 he speaks of "babushki platoon", who are professionals moving from city to city. Ukrainian experience is mentioned. The footage shows it at 11:15 - the same babuska in Petersburg, and later in N.Novgorod (cities at the distance of 900 km)
# at 12:00 a voice record, apparently police file : "We would like 400 roubles for a kid. Is it too expensive ? - For each ? - Yes. - Well, 400, and you have 30 of them ? - You get as many as you want. Of course we cannot bring you 500, as they do in Samara. - Ok, so what about 100 ? - We will get you 60 easily. And these kids will not say anything outside." Later they apparently agree on 100 people and 40,000 roubles.
# 13:10 a strange beginning of demonstration of "dissidents". Organizers walk around and shout slogans. The passerbys express their surprise "who are you boys?" ; one woman says "they have their bread, now they want circuses"
# at 14:00 Moscow demonstration. The organizers moved to non-authorized place, where they were already awaited many people with video and photo cameras. Arkady draws parallels to Chechnya where the militants video-recorded their ambushes at federal forces, to wage psychological war and to report back to their foreign sponsors.
# Arkady claims that a good photo of a man, which shows his "suppression" by the police, serves as the best passport in certain organizations, for obtaining grants, money for education in Western universities and even obtaining political asylum.
# at 15:20 into the film : yet another organization, the summer camp in mountainous part of southern Krasnodar region. These are "red" revolutionaries, preparing their young recruits for possible armed fighting with the authorities.
# at 16:30 the financial center, the main sponsors with office in Warsaw = NED, Soros, Freedom House, etc.
# at 19:00 a planned spending of $4 mln for democracy groups in Russia is scheduled
# at 20:00 parts of old interview of 2004, with Marc Blagoevic, a Serb who worked also in Georgia and Ukraine
# at 20:55 the same Serb is filmed near Moscow in summer 2007, during a US-sponsored (National Democratic Institute) seminar devoted to election processes in Russia. He presented a lecture how to influence the media
# at 21:30 another instructor, Marco Ivcovic. Arkady apparently asks him about taking training, the reply is that smaller groups are ok, but "higher level" needs authorization from Washington.
# at 22:50 hidden camera. the young candidate to local council in Ulyanovsk, Alexander Bragin, 24 y.old. The reporter says that he wants to get elected too and asks about "small grant" money for campaign. The young man says that it is possible and names US embassy worker, 2nd secretary Rebecca Bakes (?). The young man explains that money is given by the Foundations, but it is distributed through Embassy.
# around 24:00 about Serbian, Branco Iric, who was discarded as a spent material after the "revolution"
# 26:30 member of EP, Giulietto Chiesa speaks (surprisingly, in good Russian) about the cleverness of the grant system, which makes young persons the agents of influence
# 27:40 Russian historian Valentin Falin speaks about the foreign idea that "riches of Siberia cannot belong to one nation", which idea was later supported by M.Allbright and C.Rice.
# at 30:00 quoting Greenspan's recent saying about Iraq ("it was mostly about oil"), Arkady says that it is not about democracy in Russia. It is about her land and riches.



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