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Libya in Headlines
23.08.11 21:05 Africa

One thing that has struck me about the photos regarding the Libyan Rebels is there are never any black people in the photo.  Note the photo posted of Saif al-Islam letting everyone know his capture was once again propaganda.  Note the black guy in the middle of the photo. Ive heard stories of a Green Square mock-up built in Qatar and I really cant put it past the MSM to completely make up events in Libya. 

After all, didnt the Rebels hire Washingtons largest lobbyist firm to represent them in the media? 

Im sure after the MSM reads this article, well start to see black people included in the photos from Qatar, I would imagine theyll get some from the US Navy who happens to be in port there.   Attached are the Headlines from three months of the battle to take Libyan crude off the world market.

I think the headlines tell the story.

Covert teams from NATO members "provided critical assistance" to Libyan rebels  August 23rd

Gaddafis son: Tripoli under govt. control  August 23rd

Reports of Saif al-Islam Qaddafis Capture False, Appears in Tripoli  August 23rd

Toppling Tripoli: Gaddafi plans massive counter-attack  August 23rd

Rebel snipers in Tripoli part of NATO plan to spark mass panic  August 23rd

U.S. has nearly doubled air attacks on Libya in past 12 days  August 23rd

Italy PM to meet Libyas Mahmoud Jibril  August 23rd

RT LIVE Inside Tripoli: Journos trapped in looted hotel, bombing heard .. GADDAFIS SON NOT CAPTURED!   August 22nd

Video, Western countries fighting for Libya’s oil fields like piranhas  August 22nd

Unit guarding Gaddafi joins opposition  August 22nd

Gaddafis son Mohammad arrested during interview with Al Jazeera  August 22nd

Libyan rebels control Tripoli, Gaddafis son Saif al-Islam detained    August 22nd

Gaddafis son arrested, to be handed over to The Hague - prosecutor  August 22nd

NATO Slaughter in Tripoli: Operation Siren Signals Assault by Rebels’ Al Qaeda Death Squads   August 22nd

Globalist Richard Haas Calls for NATO Occupation of Libya  August 22nd

UPDATE 4-ENI leads Libya oil race; Russia, China may lose out  August 22nd

Libyas future uncertain after fall of Tripoli   August 22nd

Tunisia recognises Libyan rebels  August 22nd

Is the “Imminent Liberation of Libya” Propaganda?   August 21st

Libya rebels begin Tripoli attack   August 21st

Libya rebels on brink of total victory: Ziltan, Zawiya and Brega captured.  August 20th

NATO kills 85 civilians in Western Libya  August 20th

Gadhafi support soars amid NATO bombing   August 19th

Gaddafi has Obama Backed Al Qaeda on the run....  August 19th

Casualties Mount in West Libya as Regime Urges Ceasefire  August 19th

Misratah is re-captured by Gaddafi Libya Army forces  August 17th

Falsified Major Media Reports on Libya    August 17th

Clinton Touts Libya War as ‘Smart Power’  August 17th

Gaddafi forces hit back at rebels in Zawiyah  August 16th

Libyan Rebels breakthru to coast Ghaddafi cut off. AlJazeera projects end of regime at hand  August 15th

Libya: Weapons Transfers - the French and Qatar Connections  August 13th

Libya rebels eye Brega oil installations   August 13th

Medvedev signs Libya sanctions 5 months after UN vote  August 12th

UN Secretary Gen. Voices Alarm Over Civilian Losses in Libya  August 12th

Gathafi son shown alive on TV to refute rebel claims  August 11th

More Libyan children being killed - Western Journalists under suspicion of giving out GPS coordinates to NATO Air Force.    August 11th

Russian Media: Each death, each bomb assures OBAMA’ defeat in Libya...  August 9th

81 congressmen to visit Israel in coming weeks  August 8th

Libyan authorities deny information about Gaddafis son  August 6th

Gaddafis son killed in NATO airstrike  August 5th

William Hague is Wrong to Suggest that Gaddafi Can Stay in Libya   August 4th

Gadhafi Son Claims Secret Islamist Deal in Interview  August 4th

Libya: al-LCCM is still active  August 3rd

Libyan Transitional Council Rebels in Total Disarray  August 3rd

Libya: The Chaos Grows  August 2nd

Libya, Syria, Yemen. Next – everywhere else.  August 2nd

Oh Oh: Libya action a success, says Hague  August 1st

Three journalists killed in Nato raid  July 31st

Libyan Opposition Orders Militias To Disband  July 30th

Libyan rebel chief killed after offensive on army troops  July 29th

Tripoli hit by shortages of medicine, fuel, cash – UN  July 27th

Libyan rebels have conceded ground since bombing began  July 27th

Chavez backs Gaddafi in OPEC spat  July 27th

William Hague denies UK and France at odds over Libya tactics  July 26th

Warship joins Libya operation  July 26th

British RAF Jets Bomb Key Gaddafi Intelligence Site   July 26th

Kadhafi could stay in Libya: Hague  July 26th

Libya accuses NATO of bombing clinic, killing 7  July 26th

NATO war crime: Libya water supply    July 26th

U.S. Fears of Economic Collapse Prompted NATO War of Aggression  July 25th

Another war crime: NATO Bombs Libyan Water Pipe  July 25th

U.S. struggles to free money for Libyan rebels  July 24th

Libya: Releasing frozen funds to Libyan rebels would be a violation   July 23rd

No Gaddafi role in proposed Libya transition: UN envoy  July 23rd

US military weighs more Predator drones for Libya  July 23rd

Worries Grow About Libya Rebels’ Brutality   July 21st

NATO fails to protect Libya opposition  July 20th

No Early End to Libya War Expected   July 20th

Russian Media: Libya is NATOs last stand   July 10th

Misrata youths go from playstation to frontline  July 18th

Gadhafi Rules Out Leaving Libya as NATO Strikes Continue  July 18th

Libya contact group recognises rebels   July 17th

Heavy casualties reported in Libya fighting   July 17th

Libyan TNC vows to continue military action in Ramadan   July 16th

Libya in Pictures: What the Mainstream Media Does Not Tell You  July 16th

NATO chief: Libya exposes Europes dependence on US power  July 15th

Libya: Rebel and NATO attack on oil city repulsed   July 15th

Kadhafi has suicide plan for capital: Russia envoy   July 15th

Offensive Stalls, Gadhafi Forces Reclaim Territory Near Tripoli   July 14th

Libya says 1,100 dead in Nato war crimes   July 14th

British DM: Libya War Could Last Months   July 14th

Rights group accuses Libyan rebels of abuse   July 13th

Tripoli mulls talks with rebels without Gathafi   July 13th

France says ‘contacts’ under way on Gaddafi exit   July 13th

France Confirms ‘Indirect’ Talks With Libya Govt   July 12th

Is France turning its back on Libya rebels?    July 12th

Libya PM denounces NATO strikes as UN envoy visits   July 11th

Libya: A campaign built on sand  July 11th

Gathafi forces counterattack southwest of Tripoli   July 11th

Germany offers bombs and military technology for war against Libya   July 10th

Libya: Rebels continue to push west from Misrata   July 10th

Interviews from Libya: What is Happening on the Ground   July 9th

Ambitious Libyan rebels to meet NATO and EU chiefs next week  July 8th

NATO Denies Aiding Libyan Rebel Offensive   July 8th

US House votes to bar military aid to Libyan rebels  July 8th

As imperialists and lackeys continue assaults, Libyan masses prepare for all out resistance   July 8th

Senate abandons authorization of Libya conflict   July 7th

The US Must End Its Illegal War in Libya Now   July 7th

Libya denies Russia report Gaddafi seeking way out   July 6th

Libya crisis strains NATO-Russia relations  July 6th

Libya Denies Report Gadhafi Offered to Stand Down   July 6th

Ground Invasion of Libya Within Two Weeks    July 6th

Russia, NATO say still at odds over Libya   July 5th

Gaddafi forces intercept arms from Qatar   July 5th

UK "upping the ante” in Libya means “killing more civilians” – Russia Today  July 5th

Libyan rebels hire Washington’s No. 1 lobby firm for advice and assistance  July 4th

Libya Rebels Reject Another Peace Plan, Vow New Offensive    July 4th

Gaddafi can stay in Libya if he quits: rebel chief   July 4th

Saif al-Islam Gaddafi: Libyas mistake was refusal to establish modern army   July 3rd

Iran to send 3rd aid cargo to Libya  July 3rd

Turkey recognizes National Transitional Council as legitimate representative of Libyans - FM  July 3rd

Turkish FM visit to Libyas rebel stronghold  July 3rd

France arming Libyan rebels in violation of UN resolution  July 3rd

Libyan Rebels Reverse Position on Peace Plan   July 3rd

NATO vows to ratchet up pressure on military targets in western Libya  July 3rd

Oh, Oh: Arms to Libya were for self-defence: France  July 2nd

Fuel shortage may undo Gadhafi: report   July 2nd

Russia censures UN resolution on Libya   July 2nd

Juppe: France informed UN about Libya arms drop  July 2nd

African leaders resume talks on Libya conflict  July 2nd

Gadhafi Threatens Retaliation Against Europe if NATO Attacks Continue  July 2nd

Fighting will stop if Gaddafi quits  July 1st

NATO says not involved in arms aid to Libyan rebels   July 1st

French, British Moves to Arm Libya Rebels Decried  July 1st

Libya mission becomes a burden for Obama   June 30th

NATO airstrike kills 8 Libyan civilians   June 29th

Libya Rejects Gadhafi Arrest Warrant  June 29th

Prosecutor sees Gaddafi endgame, China cautious   June 29th

Senate committee votes to authorize limited U.S. role in Libya  June 29th

Italy rattles Libya coalition  June 28th

Dont Believe Everything You See and Read about Gaddafi  June 28th

European harakiri in Libya   June 28th

Libya bombing campaign enters 100th day  June 27th

Zuma: NATO mission is to protect civilians, not assassinate Gaddafi  June 27th

Rebels expect Gaddafi proposal very soon   June 26th

Top U.S. admiral admits we are trying to kill Qaddafi  June 26th

Libya says 15 killed in NATO attacks on "civilian targets"  June 25th

 Orphus: ORPS
, RU17.10.11 10:45

NATO atrocities in Libya (video aggregator) Url


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