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Touring the Backyard: Putin Pays Central Asia a Visit
Donbass blockade is finishing off Poroshenko and Akhmetov
If US throws Ukraine under the bus, will Moscow reciprocate?
Military Situation Remains Tense In Eastern Ukraine
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Trump to order review that could relax Dodd-Frank bank rule
03.02.17 22:34 Americas on the move
US President Donald Trump is expected to take his first steps to scale back financial services regulations on Friday. He is due to sign an executive order to review the 2010 Dodd-Frank financial regulations, which some people on Wall Street say are overly-restrictive.

Colombia FARC rebels gather to disarm, ELN eye peace
31.01.17 13:26 Americas on the move
Colombia said FARC rebels will finish mustering in demobilisation zones on Tuesday (Jan 31) to begin a historic disarmament process ending a half-century conflict.

Trumps secretary of state pick Tillerson clears Senate hurdle
31.01.17 13:25 Americas on the move
The US Senate on Monday (Jan 30) advanced the nomination of Rex Tillerson to be President Donald Trumps secretary of state, setting up a final confirmation vote for later this week.

Fake News Of “Interests” And “Intervention”
29.01.17 09:16 Americas on the move
U.S. and other media continue their strong move towards baseless, aka fake, news. We recently caught the New York Times claiming that Russia started the war in Georgia, something the NYT had earlier debunked itself. The Washington Post claimed that Russian hackers were sneaking into the U.S. electricity grid. The story fell apart within a few hours. Nothing in it was true. Hundreds of pieces were written about "peaceful demonstrator" rebels in Syria, about 250,000 civilians besieged in Aleppo or Syrian government bombings of hospitals that lacked any base in reality.
Moon of Alabama

Trump talks to Putin, other world leaders about security threats
29.01.17 09:08 Americas on the move
President Donald Trump discussed Syria and the fight against Islamic State with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Saturday in one of several calls with world leaders that the new U.S. president used to put his stamp on international affairs.

Argentina Sends Russia Commercial Offer to Buy 15 MiG-29s
27.01.17 11:27 Americas on the move
Deputy Director of the Russian Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation said that Russia is preparing a response to Argentinas commercial offer on the purchase of over 15 MiG-29 fighter jets.

Top US diplomats leave State Department
27.01.17 10:46 Americas on the move
Top US diplomats in the State Departments senior management team are leaving their posts during President Donald Trumps first week on the job.

Philippines says U.S. military to upgrade bases, defense deal intact
26.01.17 16:27 Americas on the move
The United States will upgrade and build facilities on Philippine military bases this year, Manilas defense minister said on Thursday, bolstering an alliance strained by President Rodrigo Dutertes opposition to a U.S. troop presence.

Rex Tillerson means business and it’s fine with Russia and China
26.01.17 16:13 Americas on the move
Rex Tillerson, US President Donald Trump’s nominee as state secretary, has narrowly won confirmation from the Senate Foreign Relations Committee – 11 senators in favor and 10 against. The split is on party lines and the clincher came on Monday when Republican senator Marco Polo (who regarded Russian President Vladimir Putin to be a ‘war criminal’ and vainly insisted that Tillerson agreed with him) fell in line at the eleventh hour.
M K Bhadrakumar

Venezuela opposition begins protests, Maduro counters
12.03.16 21:20 Americas on the move
Venezuelas opposition launched a new protest campaign on Saturday to oust President Nicolas Maduro, but support was thin and the ruling Socialists countered it with their own "anti-imperialist" rally.

Brazilian President slams Lula’s detention
12.03.16 21:13 Americas on the move
Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff criticised the detention and interrogation of former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, who was held for three hours Friday morning by police in Sao Paulo.
BRICS Media Limited

Peace dialogues in Colombia coming to an end
06.03.16 11:06 Americas on the move
The government of Colombia and Colombia’s Revolutionary Armed Forces – People’s Army (FARC-EP) started on Wednesday, in La Habana, the crucial phase of the peace process aiming to prompt definitely the negotiations.

Brazil’s recession to ‘deepen’ in 2016
20.12.15 12:00 Americas on the move
Brazil is facing a perfect storm of bad economic and political developments which threaten to make 2016 one of the hardest periods the country has faced in decades.
BRICS Media Limited

Fifteen US states try to block Obama clean power plan
15.08.15 12:40 Americas on the move
Fifteen US states have petitioned a federal court to block new rules by President Barack Obamas administration to encourage clean power and cut harmful carbon emissions from power plants.

Brazil’s growth slashed as opposition plans protests
14.08.15 09:51 Americas on the move
A Central Bank survey, which indicates that Brazil’s economic outlook is becoming progressively more bleak, is likely to fuel increasing calls for President Dilma Rousseff to step down
BRICS Media Limited
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