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Touring the Backyard: Putin Pays Central Asia a Visit
Donbass blockade is finishing off Poroshenko and Akhmetov
If US throws Ukraine under the bus, will Moscow reciprocate?
Military Situation Remains Tense In Eastern Ukraine
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Morocco threatens to cut EU ties if farm deal flounders
07.02.17 01:01 Africa
Moroccos government said on Monday it would end economic cooperation with the European Union if the bloc does not honour a farming deal, weeks after an EU court ruled that trade accords do not apply to the disputed Western Sahara region.

Five killed from east Libyan forces in Benghazi battle
02.02.17 20:42 Africa
Forces loyal to Khalifa Haftar, head of the eastern-based Libyan National Army (LNA), have been fighting Islamists and other opponents in Benghazi since 2014. They have secured most of the city, but have suffered heavy casualties as they try to gain control of a final few areas.

Libyas Sarraj bargains for more EU money, support
02.02.17 20:38 Africa
The head of the U.N.-backed Libyan government told top European Union officials on Thursday the bloc must provide more money and other assistance to secure Tripolis help in curbing the flow of African migrants to Europe.

African Union re-admits Morocco after 33-year absence
31.01.17 13:30 Africa
The African Union decided on Monday (Jan 30) to allow Morocco back in the fold after a 33-year absence, despite stiff resistance from some member states over the status of Western Sahara.

Turkey reopens embassy in Libya, vows to support unity efforts
30.01.17 13:50 Africa
Turkey reopened its embassy in Libya on Monday, 2-1/2 years after closing it due to the security situation, the Turkish foreign ministry said, as diplomatic missions begin to reopen in the divided country.

African Union to choose new leader, review Morocco membership
30.01.17 13:46 Africa
The African Union is due to choose a new leader on Monday in a vote more likely to expose differences over the International Criminal Court and other issues than reaffirm the continents solidarity and common purpose.

Gambias new President Adama Barrow to return home
26.01.17 16:02 Africa
Gambias new President, Adama Barrow, says he will return to the country on Thursday to assume power - days after his predecessor left.

U.N. official says at least 50,000 dead in South Sudan war
03.03.16 10:31 Africa
At least 50,000 people have been killed in South Sudans two-year civil war, a senior United Nations official said on Wednesday, a five-fold increase in the death toll given by humanitarian agencies in the early months of the conflict.

Ethiopia Faces Famine Despite “Unprecedented” Economic Growth
20.12.15 11:58 Africa
Despite recording double-digit economic growth in recent years, Ethiopia is in serious need of food aid. Observers consider the current food crisis to be the worst in thirty years, similar to the famine of 1984-85, which led to thousands of deaths.
Global Voices

Xi kicks off African trip with stop in Zimbabwe
02.12.15 14:12 Africa
Chinese President Xi Jinping begins a five-day trip to Africa this week with a stop in Zimbabwe Tuesday and expectations that he will sign deals to fund infrastructure projects.
Asia Times Online

North Africa Observer – Nov. 18-24, 2015
27.11.15 10:44 Africa
President of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika has welcomed on Sunday the President of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR) and Secretary General of Polisario Front, Mohamed Abdelaziz.

China faces same problems in Africa as the West
24.11.15 12:14 Africa
Western worries about China’s burgeoning influence in Africa may be overblown said the Economist, noting that Chinese projects are struggling with the same problems that hinder Western investment in African nations. Making the case that working in Africa work is not as easy as it looks.
Asia Times Online

Somalia: Ash-Shabab in business with…Kenya’s military
19.11.15 11:22 Africa
The recent successful terror acts in Somalia carried out by Ash-Shabab islamists attracted attention to the problem yet again. It is evident that Ash-Shabab has grown more active not only because of the inter-clan war within Somalia’s government but also an increase in external financing. bloody-business

North Africa Observer – Nov. 11-17, 2015
18.11.15 11:50 Africa
It’s the newest update of the SouthFront: Analysis & Intelligence’s weekly product “North Africa Observer”. Our contributor, Marko Milicevic, describes developments in the North Africa region.

Islamic State fights rival group and eastern forces in Libya
15.08.15 12:36 Africa
At least 46 people have been killed in clashes between Islamic State, a rival Islamist group and forces loyal to the official government in two Libyan cities, residents and medics said on Friday.
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