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The Planet as a Whole: A Race between the BRICS and the World War Party
20.05.15 03:31 Economics
The Planet as a Whole: A Race between the BRICS and the World War Party
May 19, 2015

The past weeks have seen an extraordinary consolidation of the economic partnership and mutual support among China, India, and Russia—the core of the BRICS impulse of scientific progress and economic growth, which is now reaching many nations. A “brotherhood,” as EIR Founding Editor Lyndon LaRouche recently called it, rather than an alliance of nations, some of which are driving the highest rates of productivity and growth in the world; others of which, desperately need that.

But the relatively bankrupt trans-Atlantic countries, with very bankrupt banking systems, are driving the world toward war—and not only the spreading, genocidal wars in the Mideast and Northern Africa which Bush and Obama, Blair and Cameron, and their Saudi allies have started.

This week, the battle was in full view in South Korea, where Indian Prime Minister Modi and U.S. Secretary of State Kerry were visiting at the same time.

India and Korea formed a strategic partnership; Korea extended $10 billion in credits for Indian infrastructure development, along with a commitment to bring to India, South Korea’s famously successful model for rural development. Modi presented the benefits of his “Make in India” campaign, for Korea.

Kerry, on the same day, dismayed his Korean hosts by blustering attacks on North Korea—virtual demands for war on the peninsula—and pushed the U.S. ballistic missile defense system Korea does not want, down their throats.

Kerry’s deputy, Victoria Nuland, spent three days in Ukraine, then that country’s President signed laws which effectively glorify the country’s Nazi collaboration during World War II and outlaw dissent against it; while the Obama Administration again emphasized that heavy weapons for Ukraine to fight Russia were “on the table.”

And London moved against Macedonia, with anti-government demonstrations led by European diplomats and promising “a war here like in Ukraine.” Macedonia is an important link on China’s “Maritime Silk Road” port-and-rail development corridor, and an opponent of anti-Russia sanctions. The attack against Macedonia is against the BRICS as a whole, which alliance is clearly giving Greece a live option to escape the murderous austerity and economic depression imposed on it by EU agencies.

The BRICS dynamic must prevail. The current U.S.-NATO policy of destroying the BRICS combination, encircling and confronting both Russia and China, is not only a bankrupt policy; it is leading toward thermonuclear war and potential human extinction.

Remove Obama—whose own party is in revolt against him over his pro-Wall Street and pro-London policies—and a new orientation for America toward the BRICS dynamic is possible.

Remove Obama—who today proclaimed Camden, New Jersey with its 15%-plus unemployment rate “a symbol of promise for the nation”—and Wall Street could be defeated, beginning with a new Glass-Steagall Act to throw the casino speculation out of banking.

Remove Obama and create a surge of credit for productivity and employment, using Alexander Hamilton’s credit policies—and the United States can join the BRICS in rebuilding the economies and broken-down labor forces of nations, including its own.


Macedonia ‘Maidan’ Is Attempted London Attack on the Whole BRICS

The crucial role of a BRICS Bank offer of membership to Greece, contributing to a toughening of the Greek governments commitment to its population against the bankrupt EU "creditors," has been met with a counterattack by London and NATO — in neighboring Macedonia. This is an explicit attempt to repeat the "Maidan" uprising and coup in Macedonia, which dragged Ukraine into the bankrupt arms of the EU and NATO a year ago.

A week ago Greece was defaulting on the IMF, which "blinked" and essentially proposed a trick by which it would pay itself the $750 million payment "due" from Greece. Greeces determination to restore employment, wages, and pensions — and not to pay, or contract any further debts which compromise this — was thus sufficiently shown. Greece is very close to giving Chinas COSCO the contract to develop the Port of Piraeus and the surrounding rail system.

The City of Londons first counterattack is to collapse the Greek banking system, using the European Central Bank to force a formal split from the euro, where it cannot force more austerity. Greek 2- and 3-year bond interest rates are spiking upward today as a result — but, so are those of other so-called "peripheral" EU economies, showing contagion which was not supposed to occur.

The second weapon, against the BRICS-allied nations as a whole, is being deployed in Macedonia. At an anti-government rally of 10-20,000 in the capital, Skopje, opposition leader Zoran Zaev proclaimed yesterday that if Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski did not resign, "there will be war here like in Ukraine." EU diplomats flagrantly marched at the head of the demonstration — the mark of the Maidan. Zaev, whose party has received George Soros funds for years, told the Soros-owned NOVA-TV that the opposition had brought "2,000 young people who know karate and kick-box."

Macedonia is on Chinas Maritime Silk Road, on the route of the gas pipeline agreed by Russia and Turkey into Europe, and is opposed to the sanctions against Russia. And, its economy is growing at a near 5% annual rate, according to the IMF.

New NATO, European War Planned against Libya on Pretext of Fighting People Smugglers

European Union Foreign and Defense Ministers approved an unprecedented deployment of naval force against Libya, on the unconscionable pretext of stopping desperate people fleeing war, starvation and mass death from entering Europe en masse across Mediterranean.

The decision was approved today when the ministers met in Brussels. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg told reporters that NATO stands "ready to help if there is a request," before the meeting began. EU Foreign Policy head Federica Mogherini said afterwards that the EU is going to rush to put this plan through by June, because the summer months are "high season" for people trying to enter.

This new war is couched as a war against human traffickers, but it includes no measures to protect the migrants in whose name they are hypocritically acting, and leaves untouched the policies of economic genocide and permanent warfare which are driving people into the hands of the murderous human traffickers in the first place.

The first phase is to collect intelligence on the smuggling routes from Libya to southern Italy and Malta; the second, for EU ships to start chasing and boarding smugglers boats; and third, to take military action to sink the boats in Libyan territorial waters, perhaps then blame the Libyans for allowing the refugees to drown in its territorial waters. The ministers, so far, say they will seek a UN resolution such an action, before taking it.

Using the familiar, stock phrase for such illegal wars, the EU ministers promise that there will be no EU boots on the ground in Libya. That might, after all, disturb the Islamic State militants which the last NATO/U.S./EU war against Libya brought to power, whose logistical suppliers today are the same as those smuggling people.

Kerry Threatens War in Korea, as Modi Offers Development

There could not be a more extreme contrast than that between the proposals of the two leading statesmen who are visiting South Korea today.

As Indian President Narendra Modi offers development cooperation and a strategic alliance for peace in Asia, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry is in Seoul ranting about North Korea, threatening new sanctions and to take Pyongyang to the International Criminal Court (ICC), while lying that there is "not an inch, not a centimeter, not a microscope (sic)" of difference between the United States and South Korea in the approach to the North.

As documented in depth in EIR, Seoul, despite serious concerns over the erratic regime in the North, is deeply involved in ongoing development projects involving South Korea, North Korea, and Russia. President Park Geun-hye is intent on building rail and pipeline connections through North Korea to Russia and China within this year, as part of a "peace through development" approach.

Kerrys threats are clearly aimed at the South as well as the North. He raved: "The world is hearing increasingly more and more stories of grotesque, grisly, horrendous, public displays of executions," referring to press reports last week that the South Korea intelligence agency had reported that one of North Koreas top military officials had been executed with anti-aircraft weapons in public. Even the Souths spy agency has now retracted its report of the execution, but that did not restrain Kerrys hysteria.

The purpose was made clear when Kerry met with U.S. military forces in Seoul, saying that the threat from the North means "we need to deploy ships, forces, and we are talking about THAAD." This is Kerrys first reference to the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) missiles, South Korea recognizes THAAD is useless against North Korea, 30 miles away, and is only intended as part of the encirclement of China and Russia — which South Korea refuses to be part of.

Chinas Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei responded to Kerrys belligerence: "Under the current complex and sensitive situation on the Korean Peninsula, we hope that the relevant parties can do more to ease the situation and do things conducive to the resumption of the six-party talks."

Park Geun-hye is planning to visit Washington in June.



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