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Touring the Backyard: Putin Pays Central Asia a Visit
Donbass blockade is finishing off Poroshenko and Akhmetov
If US throws Ukraine under the bus, will Moscow reciprocate?
Military Situation Remains Tense In Eastern Ukraine
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Why Israel Should Not Exist
20.05.15 03:12 Middle East
By suggesting that the state of Israel should not exist, I am not being anti-Semitic. I am, however, being anti-Zionist. There is a distinct difference. An anti-Semite is someone who is prejudiced against Jews. An anti-Zionist, on the other hand, is opposed to that sector of the Jewish population who see it as their God-given right to establish a Jewish state in the Holy Land at the expense of the Palestinian people who have lived there for two thousand years

Look Homeward, Hegemon Part 1: Cold War 2.0 Abroad, Cold Civil War Between the U.S. Government and Its People At Home
19.05.15 13:02 Global Security
Introduction: We want to start by thanking The Saker for giving us the opportunity to publish a series of articles for this community that looks at the late, great American Empire from a slightly different perspective. While most Vineyard readers come to this website looking for analysis of the war in Ukraine or conflicts in the Middle East, we felt it would be useful to take a look at dysfunctional or ‘Empire of Chaos’ spreading American foreign policy as a reflection of the accelerating socio-economic collapse one sees in the American ‘homeland’
The Saker

Is the US Planning a “Gulf of Tonkin” Incident in the South China Sea?
18.05.15 20:46 Asia rising
Following weeks of scaremongering by American officials over China’s activities in the South China Sea, US Secretary of State John Kerry used his visit to Beijing last weekend to issue an ultimatum to Chinese leaders to halt land reclamation on islets and shoals. His Chinese counterpart Wang Yi bluntly refused, insisting that China would safeguard its sovereignty and territorial integrity “as firm as a rock
Peter Symonds

Despotic Saudi Regime Lobbies to Chair UN Human Rights Council
17.05.15 10:15 Middle East
It’s one of the world’s most repressive states – a blight on humanity, a cancer in a part of the world known for despotic regimes.
Stephen Lendman

China Lashes Out At US: "Refrain From Provocative Action" In South China Sea
13.05.15 19:14 Global Security
Yesterday, in a stunning admission that already frigid relations between China and the US (because according to the lying White House it is Russia that is "isolated", even as Putin was sitting next to Chinas president on May 9) are getting worse, if not outright hostile, by the day we learned that US Defense Secretary Ash Carter has asked his staff to look at military options to rebuke Chinese ambitions in the South China Sea area around the Spratly Islands, which has recently become a topic of contention between China and most of its neighbors, especially the Philippines and Vietnam

War Threat Rises As Economy Declines
12.05.15 12:48 Global Security
The defining events of our time are the collapse of the Soviet Union, 9/11, jobs offshoring, and financial deregulation. In these events we find the basis of our foreign policy problems and our economic problems
Paul Craig Roberts

“This Is A New World Order” - NATO Will Not Allow Greece Leave EU - Faber
11.05.15 20:30 Economics
- Greece will not be ejected from the EU - Faber on CNBC

The New York Times Does Government’s Bidding:
11.05.15 09:40 European trends
U.S. troops are now operating openly in Ukraine. The "paper of records" "coverage" is an embarrassment, per usual
Patrick L. Smith

The Strategic Alignment between Russia and China: Myths and Reality
10.05.15 20:34 Asia rising
Speculation about the possibility of China and Russia creating an official strategic alliance in response to American unipolar dominance is not new and can be traced back to the early 1990s. Recently, however, the American “pivot to Asia,” China’s new assertiveness in territorial disputes, Russia’s high-profile “turn to the East,” and the deterioration of Russia-America and, more broadly, Russia-West relations as a consequence of the Ukraine crisis have generated a complex geopolitical milieu that reignited discussion among both policy advocates and scholars about the prospects of a China-Russia strategic alliance.
The Asan Forum

Obama’s Petulant World War II Snub of Russia’s V-Day Commemoration
10.05.15 16:12 European trends
Russia celebrated the Allied victory over Nazism on Saturday without U.S. President Obama and other Western leaders present, as they demean the extraordinary sacrifice of the Russian people in winning World War II – a gesture intended to humiliate President Putin, writes ex-CIA analyst Ray McGovern
Ray McGovern

Germanys record trade surplus is a bigger threat to euro than Greece
08.05.15 20:17 Economics
If EU law were properly enforced, Germany would face fines for endangering eurozone stability and breaching the Macroeconomic Imbalance Procedure for the fifth year in a row
Ambrose Evans-Pritchard

Podemos and the ‘Democratic Revolution’ in Spain
08.05.15 20:05 European trends
Even if one almost always goes wrong with such prognoses, the fact is that the Spanish state is facing the biggest rupture since the end of the Franco dictatorship. In several large cities, the left radical-democratic lists of the Guanyem / Ganemos Initiatives have real chances of winning the mayoral elections in May. In recent months in Catalonia, millions were on the street calling for the democratic right to self-determination, to which Madrid could only answer with new prohibitions. But it is above all the left party Podemos(We Can) that is dominating Spain’s political landscape. According to some current polls, Podemos, though founded only in January 2014, is the strongest party today with an almost 28 per cent voter approval, one year before the parliamentary elections
Raul Zelik

How the EU Association Agreement Makes Existing Ukraine-Russia Trade Links Impossible
06.05.15 15:16 European trends
Negotiations to Preserve Trade Links Between Ukraine and Russia are in Deadlock Because the EU and Ukraine Reject All Changes to an Association Agreement Whose Purpose is to Make Ukraine an EU Economic Colony
Alexander Mercouris

Iran is Falling to a Nuclear Agreement Trap
06.05.15 15:09 Middle East
As it appears, using the strategy of coercive diplomacy, the US and EU have been successful to force the clerics in Tehran to dismantle the vital parts of Iran’s nuclear infrastructure
Akbar E. Torbat

Following the Money: The New Anti-Semitism?
05.05.15 17:16 Global Security
In the 1976 docudrama about the Watergate affair and the fall of Richard Nixon, All the President’s Men, Bob Woodward’s source at the FBI, Deep Throat, tells him to “follow the money.” To the Post editorial board in 2015, doing just that is problematic—and probably anti-Semitic
Jim Lobe and Charles Davis
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